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Comic Science Fiction

Like a good comedian, Comic Science Fiction mocks, satirizes, and otherwise exploits the conventions of Science Fiction for comedic effect. A relatively small sub-genre that is more common in short stories than novels and has done well on screen. Frequently, Comic Sci Fi presents a pessimistic view of humanity and the universe.

You can view the crowd-ranked "Popular" Comic Science Fiction Books list and vote and/submit entries to it.

Other Features of Comic Science Fiction

  • Level of Real Science

    Moderate. Science and technology are frequently the subjects of jokes and satire. As a result, there are sometimes stories where technology is prominent, but exaggerated to comedic proportions.

  • Level of Grand Ideas/Social Implications

    Low. There is not much talk about social implications, but there is plenty of mocking. However, there is a vein of Comic Sci Fi that is more satire than laugh-out-loud funny. This vein often presents a social satire, commenting on the flaws of society in a witty or sarcastic manner.

  • Level of Characterization

    Moderately high—at least in terms of the humour. Characters can be spoofs of other Sci Fi tropes (instead of a gallant and heroic space ship captain, a clumsy one) or they can be original and hilarious.

  • Level of Plot Complexity

    Average. Comic Sci Fi plots tend to be light hearted and thus not super complex, rather the plot is designed to make the reader laugh

  • Level of Violence

    Low. Violence can occur in Comic Sci Fi, but it tends to be extravagant and add to the story's overall hilarity.

Related Science Fiction subgenres

  • Any. Comic Sci Fi can play well with any other sub-genre—it just may not play nice.

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