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Erotica Science Fiction

cience Fiction as a genre was not originally sexual—in fact, by some standards it was a bit puritanical. And, Sci Fi was definitely oriented toward a male auidence. However, in the last several decades Sci Fi has evloved and it has embraced the possibilities speculative fiction offers. Meaning authors of Sci Fi can, and do, create new cultures with imagined genders, different sexual relationships, different social structures surrounding sex, and even completely different sexual acts.

When Erotica Sci Fi is more than just explicit sex in a sci fi setting there are some common themes the sub-genre enjoys exploring: atypical sex with nonhumans (aliens, machines, robots, etc.), sexual equality, changes in the construction of gender roles, homosexuality and bisexuality, virtual reality, taboos and morality, the impact of technology on sex.

Erotica Sci Fi offers endless possibilities for sexual exploration, but the main goal is to explore sexual themes In a sci fi setting and arouse the reader. It is a sub-genre that has grown over the years and has a strong following, including readers who contribute fan fiction.

Other Features of Erotica Science Fiction

  • Level of Real Science

    Low. Science is not the focus of Erotica Sci Fi. And even when technology is involved in the adventure writers are not about to take time away from the other fun stuff to explain why science and technology are doing whatever it is they're doing.

  • Level of Grand Ideas/Social Implications

    Low or High. Sometimes erotic stories can make readers examine the construction of sexual relationships, societal influences on what is “acceptable” in the bedroom, sexual bias, and the notion of gender itself. Sometimes. But most of the time Erotica Sci Fi is a fun romp of sexual exploits.

  • Level of Characterization

    Variable. Characters can be mere tools through which the author crafts an erotic scene. They can be just a bit ball of sexual energy. They can also be a lens through which readers can see the social influences on sexuality—which can make them a bit more complex, but not necessarily a real individual.

  • Level of Plot Complexity

    Low-Moderate. Sex is almost always the driving force of the plots of this sub-genre—and at the very least it is the promiment activity in the lives of the story's characters. The use of sex as a plot device often detracts from the complexity of stories. Frequently, how (and why) characters arrive at the sex scene is less important than the action of that scene.

    Erotica Sci Fi is full of action and movement, which makes for an engaging story for a specific auidence. However, the little linkages between events tend to be softer and less important.

  • Level of Violence

    Variable. Violence isn't always a part of Erotica Sci Fi and when it is, it isn't always sexual in nature. However, this is a very graphic sub-genre so when there is violence, it is very likely to be incredibly graphic as well.

Related Science Fiction subgenres

  • Age-Regression Science Fiction. For whatever reason, the Age-Regression sub-genre has an erotic niche.

  • Gay/Lesbian Science Fiction. Erotica with a homosexual theme.

  • Most other sub-genres. Erotica Sci Fi is a sci fi story with some sexy bits, so most sub-genres have the potential to be erotic.

Popular Erotica Science Fiction Books
  • 1 Barbarella

    By Jean-Claude Forest. Set in the 41st century the protagonist is a gorgeous blonde astronaut who has a series of sexual adventures with aliens and machines. Orginally a comic series, then a book, then a movie.

  • 2 Returning Creation

    By Janet Morris. The first book in the High Couch of Silistria series takes place on a planet where the population is physically gifted and embraces sexual diversity and peace. The series focuses mostly on sexual slavery and war.

  • 3 Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish

    By Supervert. This book is a little geeky, a little comedic, a little demented, and a lot of sex with all types of aliens. It will make you think about the nature of desire.

  • 4 The Pleasure Tube

    By Robert Onopa. Onboard a special ship called the pleasure tube passengers are plugged into a computer and experience perfect happiness and sexual fulfillment.

  • 5 The Velderet

    By Cecilia Tan. Two people escape into virtual reality to play with a bit of BDSM sex, which is forbidden on their rather repressive planet. What makes this story interesting si the invasion by an alien species whose social system is founded on some kinky sex.

  • 6 Saturn's Children

    By Charles Stross. This story is told from the perspective of a sexbot trapped in a smuggling conspiracy and has a distinictly humorous bend.

  • 7 Trek mi Q'an

    By Jaid Black This series is about a woman from modern day Earth, who is kidnapped by an alien. His world is filled with erotic hedonism and women are sexual subjugated.

  • 8 Brides of the Kindred series

    By Evangeline Anderson. This series is about a woman from modern day Earth, who is kidnapped by an alien. His world is filled with erotic hedonism and women are sexual subjugated.

  • 9 Taunting Krell

    By Laurann Dohner. The seventh book in the Cyborg Seduction series, features Krell, a male cyborg, who has known nothing by brutality toward humans and Cyan, a female solider from Earth. Past secrets and sparks fly!

  • 10 The Void Captain's Tale

    By Norman Spinrad. Humans travel the universe using a technology that they don't fully understand. Ships are piloted by women who are sybiotically linked with the space drive—they are called the void pilot and they are rare. In the moments of transition, Dominique Alia Wu has glimpsed something more and she needs to achieve it permanently.