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Nanopunk Science Fiction is an emerging sub-genre closely related to Cyberpunk (and also Biopunk). So much so in fact, that the only real difference is the technology it focuses on. Whereas Cyberpunk is all about computer technology or human-computer interfaces, Nanopunk features microscopic machinery, AKA nanotechnology. The Nanopunk world is one in which the the theoretical premise of nanotech is a reality. The nanotech is well integrated with life and has both benefits and drawbacks.

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Other Features of Nanopunk Science Fiction

  • Level of Real Science

    Compared to Cyberpunk, low. The real science can be quite detailed, but often is not. Because nanotechnology is still in its infancy, stories in the Nanopunk sub-genre tend to focus on the technology's artistic and physiological impact and less on the scientific details.

  • Level of Grand Ideas/Social Implications

    High.The story explores the link between nanotech and humans and often uses this relationship as a way to explore other ideas: control, government, individuality.

  • Level of Characterization

    Variable. Depending on how focused the story is on the technology (usually dependent on the type of impact nanotechnology has had on the future society), the character can be important and central or not.

  • Level of Plot Complexity

    Moderate. Nanopunk stories generally do not employ large complex plots, but the plots are meaningful and story driven.

  • Level of Violence

    Low. Nanopunk is less confrontational

Related Science Fiction subgenres

  • Cyberpunk and Biopunk are all related because of their similar atmospheres and focus on humanity’s interaction with technology. Nanopunk differs from Biopunk significantly in that Biotechs are generally limited and/or prohibited in Nanopunk worlds whereas the two types of technology can coexist in a Biopunk world.

Popular Nanopunk Books
  • 1 Tech Heaven

    By Linda Nagata. A futuristic thriller, Nagata is one of the first to put nanotechnology at the centre of the story. In this instance, the medicinal uses of nanotech are under examination.

  • 2 The Diamond Age

    By Neal Stephenson. A coming of age story for a young girl in a world where nanotech has become part of all aspects of life.

  • 3 Queen City Jazz

    By Kathleen Ann Goonan. An award winning debut novel that spawned a nanotech series. This novel's world is an intriguing one where nanotech plagues have decimated populations.

  • 4 Prey

    By Michael Crichton. A novel that examines nanotechnology and its potential for doomsday.

  • 5 Altered Carbon

    By Richard K. Morgan. 5. Richard K. Morgan Altered Carbon. Nanotech has made existence eternal, if you have the money. People can download their consciousness into a new body.

  • 6 Blood Magic

    By Greg Bear. An award winning novel that started as a short story—a cell restructuring experiment goes horribly wrong.

  • 7 Assemblers of Infinity

    By Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason Doug Beason Humans discover a fantastic piece of alien nanotech, a structure builds itself atom by atom, multiplies, and consumes everything in its path.

  • 8 The Invincible

    By Stanislaw Lem. Almost a pre-cursor to Nanopunk, this is one of the first Sci Fi stories to deal with micro-robots and artificial swarm intelligence.

  • 9 Bloom

    By Wil McCarthy. A noteworth Nanopunk story because it decidedly hard science. In this story, nanotech has forced humans away from Earth and humans must now develop elaborate immune systems to protect against the nanotech.